Project Bordeaux is our CMS (Content Management System) demo for Facebook.

Store any file types on Facebook

As you know, until recently, Facebook limits user to upload either music, video, or photos files. Thus, you cannot upload other file types, e.g. PDFs, Word docs, spreadsheets. Our solution solves these problems and allows you to upload every file type imaginable, e.g.

  1. Microsoft Word Docs
  2. Excel Spreadsheet
  3. Photos & Sketches – JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, Visio, …
  4. Music – MP3, AVI, WAV, …
  5. Microsoft Project Management files
  6. PDFs
  7. Executable files – .bin, .exe,  …
  8. Zip files – .rar, .zip, …
  9. Flash files
  10. much more

Since our system uses the ‘attachement_fu’ GEM for managing user contents, this means that user uploaded files can be stored on either:

  1. your local file system where your application runs
  2. Amazon S3
  3. Rackspace
  4. Database
  5. much more

Workflow engine & Policy based administration

Furthermore, we have built policy based administration right into our solutions. By default, there are two distinct roles:

  1. Administrators – who can edit, and annotate all listings, including those created by other users
  2. Regular User – limited to create, edit, delete individual listings.

Moreover, there are five pre-defined states for managing the listing’s workflow:

  1. Submitted – which is invisible to the public, until approved by the administrator
  2. Approved – Viewable by the whole world
  3. Private – Only viewable by the creator
  4. Expired – Expired, no-longer visible to the public, unless approved by the administrator
  5. Delete – Removed from the system

Job Server

Our sophisticated Job-Engine runs on the server side, which allows you to define schedules to expire listing (lifespan of a listing) from hours, to days, and to months / years.

Create Facebook Event & add comments

Furthermore, our tool allows you to quickly create Facebook events for user listing. And, the comment feature + contact listing creator allow people to have really lively conversation from right inside of your FB canvas application.

Export to Excel

Furthermore, you can export your & system listings to EXCEL CVS files for record keeping.

Real Images